TSEC Kitchen Scale Series

Accurate and easy to use food scale

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TSEC Kitchen Scale Series

TSEC Kitchen Scale is a super accurate food scale.
It is easy to use with the 2.4" LCD display.
It can measure liquids and food.
TSEC Kitchen Scale has an auto power off after 3 minutes for battery saving
It has a high rate capacity ( 3g - 5kg).

• TSEC is an accurate scale.
• Easy to use.
• TSEC Kitchen Scale has an overload and low battery indicator.
• Easy-to-clean glass platform.
• Measures food and liquids.

How to use:
Follow the directions in the manual.

Points of interest:
• Unit: g / ml / oz / Ib.
• Rate capacity: 3g - 5 kg
• Power: 2* AAA batteries.
• Voltage: 3V.
• LCD size: 2.4"
• Battery saver: after 3 minutes auto power-off
• When the LCD shows "Err" it is an indication of overload.
You should reduce weight to avoid scale damage.
• You should change the batteries when the LCD shows "LO".
• The device comes with batteries.

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Store at room temperature
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