Tynor Knee Cap Comfeel M 1 Pair D23

A knee cap support that offers support and comfort for the knee joint, promoting pain relief and improved mobility

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Tynor Knee Cap Comfeel M 1 Pair D23

Tynor Knee Cap Comfeel is an advanced tubular knee cap support designed to alleviate pain, reduce stiffness, and provide relief from discomfort in the knee.
The knee cap's anatomical shape ensures a better fit, improved compression, grip, and ease of knee movement while enhancing overall comfort.
Tynor Knee Cap Comfeel effectively retains body heat, speeds up healing, and alleviates pain while providing optimal compression and enhanced comfort.
The layer on the inside of the knee cap support is dermophilic and hypoallergenic to offer warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

Size: Medium.
Color: Grey.

Polyamide, Spandex, Cotton.

Tynor Knee Cap Comfeel Benefits:
• Provides compression, warmth, and support for the knee joint.
• Four-way stretchable fabric offers effective compression and comfort.
• Cotton layer absorbs sweat and enhances comfort.
• Improves knee joint stability and reduces strain.

Direction for use of the Tynor Knee Cap Comfeel:
• Follow the instructions found on the packaging.

More information:
• Ensure proper sizing and fit of the knee cap support for optimal support and comfort.
• Do not apply massage oils as they can reduce the life of the knee cap supports. Wipe off well before wearing it.
• Keep the knee cap support clean to maintain hygiene and prevent skin irritation.
• Do not use the knee cap support on open wounds, broken skin, or areas of infection.

Made in: India.

Quantity: 1 Pair.

Store at room temperature.

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