Tynor Medical Compression Stocking Knee High C2 L 1 Pair I67

Medical stockings from Tynor provide firm, graduated compression, commonly used to treat varicose veins and prevent them from stretching, up to the knee

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Tynor Medical Compression Stocking Knee High C2 L 1 Pair I67

Tynor stockings are specially designed to limit the development of varicose veins and provide support up to the knee length.
The stockings offer graduated compression, which is stronger at the ankle and decreases higher up the leg.
They also help reduce blood pooling in the veins, preventing their expansion and abnormal blood flow.
The socks come with closed heels and an open toe design, providing comfort to the heel.

Size: Large.
Color: Beige.

Spandex, Rayon.

Tynor socks features:
- The socks are designed to prevent the development and progression of varicose veins.
- They provide graduated compression, with stronger pressure at the ankle.
- Provide pressure on the outer wall of the veins, preventing blood from pooling.
- Additionally, the socks contain a silicone lining on the upper edge, preventing them from slipping and ensuring stability.

Direction for use of the Tynor socks:
- Follow the instructions on the packaging.

More information:
- The socks should be kept in a dry place when not worn.
- They are made of high-quality yarns.
- The socks provide comfortable compression to the foot without restricting movement.
- Additionally, the socks are latex-free.

Made in: India.

Quantity: 1 Pair.

Store at room temperature.

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