Uni Intimate Wash Gel 250 mL for vaginal wash

Vaginal wash developed especially for daily intimate hygiene

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Uni Intimate 250 ml – Vaginal Gel wash

Hygiene Is an intimate vaginal wash developed especially for daily intimate hygiene.

It cleans delicately without affecting the normal vaginal PH or harming the natural protective mucous membranes.

Hygiene is an herbal cleanser that provides long-lasting soothing and freshness.

It contains:

♦ Tea tree oil, thymol, elastin, collagen, pine oil, turpentine oil, chamomile oil, aloe Vera extract, propolis in propylene glycol, glycerin, propylene glycol

Active ingredients:
chamomile oil extract, Tea tree oil, aloe Vera extract, collagen

• Provides long-term intimate hygiene
• Reduces the risk of vaginal infections and disease
• Protects vaginal mucus membrane
• Give feeling in an intimate area of smoother and freshness

How to use:
Pour some in your hand and apply it to the external area during shower or regular toilet usage.

Clean from front to back so as not to bring back the germs of the anus towards the vulva area and the vagina. Rinse well after that.

Points of interest:
• Should be avoided use if you have an allergy to plant extract.
• It is used only for topical intimate skin.
• Should be avoided use if any allergic reactions occur such as itching, burning in the applied area, blistering, irritation, rash, dizziness, weakness, redness, or discomfort.
• Can be used for all family intimate hygiene.
• If any genital disease should ask a doctor before use.

Made in: Turkey

Quantity: 250 ml

Store at room temperature
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