Uriage Hyseac Hydra Restructurant Skincare 40 ml

Repairing care cream comforts and replenishes skin dried out by acne treatments



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Uriage Hyseac Hydra Restructurant Skincare 40 ml

Uriage Hyseac Hydra cream is the perfect hydration for skin that has been dried out by anti-acne treatments.
It provides immediate and long-lasting comfort, furthermore, it repairs the skin.

Uriage Hyseac Hydra cream contains:
TLR2 REGUL (Uriage patent) and Prickly pear cactus extract: soothe the skin immediately.
Cerasterol-2F: rebuilds and reinforces the skin barrier.
Uriage Thermale Water: an all-natural ingredient, that calms the skin and relieves sensations of discomfort.

Active ingredients:
Uriage Thermale Water, Cerasterol-2F, TLR2-REGUL Complex, Prickly pear cactus extract,

• Uriage Hyseac Hydra provides long-lasting hydration.
• Soothes the skin immediately.
• Rebuilds and restores the skin barrier.

How to use:
Apply in the morning and/or evening to thoroughly cleansed, dried skin.
For daily use.

Points of interest:
• Suitable for combination to oily skin.
• Non-comedogenic.
• Oil-free.
• For external use only.
• Keep out of the children.
• Avoid eye contact. but if sone immediately rinses it with warm water.

Made in:

40 ml

Store at room temperature
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