Verine SR 30 Sustained Release Caps

These capsules containing Mebeverine are used to treat irritable bowel spasm syndrome and the digestive disorders that accompany it.

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Verine SR 30 Sustained Release Caps

Verine capsules are indicated for the relief of symptoms of colon irritation and functional digestive disorders.
These capsules contain a sustained- release formulation containing the active ingredient Mebeverine.
Mebeverine works by relaxing the muscles in the intestines, providing relief from the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), such as colon spasms.

Active ingredients:

Verine Capsules benefits:
- Alleviate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
- Relax spasm of smooth muscles in the intestine.
- Provide relief from symptoms of mucous colitis
- Help manage symptoms of spastic colitis.

How to use Verine Capsules:
- Take one capsule twice daily, 20 minutes before food.

• Warnings and precautions:
- Tell your doctor if you suffer from kidney or liver problems.
- Avoid using the medicine if you suffer from an allergy to Mebeverine.

• Side effects:
- Headache.
- Vertigo.
- Skin rash.
- Feeling tired.

• Other medicines and Mebeverine:
- Tell your doctor about all medications you take and nutritional supplements or vitamins.
- It is best not to take Mebeverine with medications to treat irritable bowel syndrome unless consulting a doctor.

Made in:
Saudi Arabia

30 Caps

Store at room temperature
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