Vitis Orthodontic Toothpaste Apple Mint Flavour 100 ml 301-V02

An apple-mint flavored toothpaste that is used by individuals with orthodontic appliances such as braces to help protect against tooth decay & reduce plaque

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Vitis Orthodontic Toothpaste Apple Mint Flavour 100 ml 301-V02

Vitis Orthodontic Toothpaste is a daily-use toothpaste that promotes oral health and is specially designed for individuals who wear orthodontic appliances.

The toothpaste is also ideal for people who are susceptible to canker sores, wounds, and sores.

Vitis Orthodontic Toothpaste contains Cetylpyridinium chloride which is a broad-spectrum oral antiseptic that eliminates bacteria and reduces dental biofilm formation as well as prevents gingivitis.

The toothpaste also has fluoride which helps prevent cavities, reduces acid production, and has an anti-bacterial effect that lessens oral biofilm.

The allantoin found in the Vitis Orthodontic Toothpaste formulation stimulates cell proliferation and aids in the regeneration of damaged tissues while protecting and exerting an anti-irritant effect on the oral mucosa.

Aloe vera is also present and contributes to promoting healthy gums and healing small lesions with its anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties.

Active ingredients:
Cetylpyridinium chloride, Sodium fluoride, Aloe vera, Allantoin.

Vitis Orthodontic Toothpaste Benefits:
• Suitable for orthodontic appliance wearers.
• Reduces dental biofilm formation and eliminates bacteria.
• Prevents gingivitis and caries.
• Stimulates tissue regeneration and has an anti-irritant effect.
• Promotes healthy gums and healing of small lesions.
• Tasty apple mint flavor to encourage brushing.

Direction for use of the Vitis Orthodontic Toothpaste Apple Mint Flavour 100 ml 301-V02:
• Use a toothbrush specifically designed for orthodontic appliance wearers and brush your teeth using the Vitis Orthodontic Toothpaste at least two times a day or after every meal.

More information:
• Don't swallow the toothpaste.
• Store in a dry and cool place away from sunlight.
• Can be used by individuals who have celiac disease.

Made in: Spain.

Quantity: 100 ml.

Store at room temperature.

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