Wheel Chair Large

A large and easy-to-use wheelchair that helps with the mobility and movement

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Wheel Chair Large FS87451 Al-Jawareh

Large Wheelchair made of aluminum and materials resistant to corrosion and rust, foldable, and equipped with brakes to prevent slipping.
The chair has two large wheels in the back and two small wheels in the front to facilitate movement.
It has a handle to help you push the patient forward, and the patient can also move by moving the large calf.
An ideal design that helps to relax, comfort, and sit safely and in a way that does not tire the back or the feet, as it contains a comfortable seat and backrests.
The armrest greatly reduces hand pressure and helps rest the hands.

• A wheelchair that helps move easily.
• Suitable for post-operative patients, the elderly, pregnant women and bone, joint patients, and People with special needs.
• The wheelchair maintains the activity and physical health of patients by moving their hands.

How to use:
• Tilt the wheelchair backward so the front wheels are turned and pointing forward, ensuring the brakes are in use.
• Fold the two-foot platforms and move them sideways and out of the way.

Point of interest:
• Make sure that the wheelchair size is suitable for the size and weight of the patient.
• Avoid hanging heavy bags on the wheelchair for your safety.
• Make sure the brakes are tightly locked when standing, lowering, or sitting the patient.

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