Whitening Package

A valuable set containing a whitening and hair product that helps you to get radiant and even-toned skin and healthy hair

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Offer Package Perlamar Whitener Essence + Whitener Emulsion + Wash Gel For Normal Skin + A.C Biotin 10000 MCG

There is no need to worry about your skincare routine, this premium set will help you get even-toned and radiant skin.
In this set, you will find 4, products 3 of them provide optimal care for your skin and one of them is for hair health.

The set includes:
- Perlamar Whitener Essence Concentrate 30ml
- Perlamar Pure Marine Silver Edition Wash Gel 200 ml
- Perlamar Whitener Emulsion 100ml
- American Creations Beautiful Biotin 10,000 mcg 60 Caps
Perlamar Whitener products help you to get rid of dark spots and pigmentation, giving your skin a healthy and even-toned appearance.
Perlamar Pur marine Wash gel is specially formulated to clean and purify your skin, by removing all dirt and impurities for clean, soft, and fresh skin.
Because we know that every woman wants to achieve healthy and strong hair, this package includes American Creations Capsules.
These capsules contain biotin that helps to strengthen hair fibers, protect hair from being weak and damaged, and promote healthy hair growth.
Biotin helps to strengthen brittile nails as well as it improves skin health.

- Maintains skin and hair health.
- Helps to brighten skin tone and get rid of pigmentation.
- Purifies skin, leaving it feeling fresh and clean.
- Strengthens and nourishes hair.
- Strengthens nails.
- Removes dirt and impurities.

How to use:
• Use Perlamar products in the morning and evening.
-Step 1: Perlamar Pure Marine Silver Edition Wash Gel Normal Skin.
-Step 2: Perlamar Whitener Essence.
- Step3: Perlamar Whitener Emulsion.

• American Creations Capsules:
- Take one capsule daily.

More information:
- Store in a cool and dry place.
- Intended for external use only.
- Keep the products out of reach of children

Quantity: Set.

Store at room temperature.

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