Require Prescription
Require Prescription
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All the various pharmacy products between medical and cosmetic drugs in Kuwait to ensure the presence of all the requirements and needs for skin, hair, man and child care.
We guarantee the presence of all skin products such as skin cream, skin serum, skin lotion and many other care essentials for a fresh and shiny skin.
Body care with all its products such as body lotion for lightening and moisturizing, body and feet oil
In addition to the availability of shampoo and conditioner to treat hair loss and alternative ampoules of agriculture for hair growth.
The site includes all the vitamins required by the body to strengthen it, treat nerve and bone health, improve skin elasticity and strengthen eyes
In addition to the presence of various medicated medicines in Kuwait pharmacies, including analgesics, anti-inflammatories, provided there is a prescription, anti-fungals, skin medicines, and eye and ear drops.
Contains baby formula, diapers and all baby care essentials
And beauty and hair and skin cleaning devices with a variety of medical devices such as measuring blood sugar and pressure
The data includes a detailed explanation of the products in addition to their active ingredients and the correct way of using them with the country of origin

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